About Club365

Plan a trip of lifetime, everytime.

You don’t just go on vacation, you travel. It’s all about finding that special place, that hidden gem. The boutique hotel that leaves the special touch of service in your room each day. That swimming cove where the light hits just right. The restaurant with the dish that you’ll talk about for years later. These moments are why you travel.

With Club365, your travels know no boundaries. Take your travels across land, sea, and air, with over 600,000 hotels and resorts for you to choose from. Take advantage of everything your membership has to offer and enjoy exceptional travel and lifestyle benefits using your travel credits.

Member Benefits Level up your travel membership with even more benefits when you join as an RCI member. Contact XYZ Vacation Club to find out how you can participate.

Travel Credits

Travel Credits are your currency to enjoy discounts and buy down prices marked by travel retailers. You can redeem these credits towards Hotels, Resorts, Car Rentals and Activities booked through the Club365 website.

You get Travel Credits when you become a Club365 member. These credits expire 12 months after activation and are refreshed on your following anniversary year.

Travel Credits are always displayed on the top right hand corner of your page, and you can also check your usage history under 'My Account'.

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